Easiest Way To Get Services

1 CRM service
Defining and prioritizing your communications and web-based service requirements is essential in any procurement process.
Look for areas where you would like to improve customer satisfaction, process efficiency, reduce expenditure and increase revenue.

  • Assess your messaging services requirements.
  • Refresh your web or mobile presence
  • Ensure your taking advantage of the latest conferencing offerings
  • Is your Internet effecting your productivity
  • Is there an advantage moving your telephony to the cloud.
  • Does your phone system need updating.
  • What is the advantage of moving to a virtual environment.
  • Are an SME that is investigating managed IT services?
  • 2 SEO service
    Having defined and prioritized your communications and web-based service requirements you now need to do your research. You can research
    the site to find ideas, applications and solutions that will improve customer satisfaction, efficiency, expenditure and revenue.


  • Email to SMS, Email to Fax, Email to Voice. IoT SMS, foreign language translation via SMS.
  • Refresh your web site, build a mobile app, use specialist tools to improve your online presence.
  • Find a customised feature rich event conferencing service. Reduce conference costs.
  • Professionally implement the nbn
  • Move your organization to a hosted VoIP service.
  • update your on premise phone system to increase productivity.
    Reduce the cost of your IT.
  • Improve the security and maintenance of your IT environment.
  • 3 crm management system
    Now you know what you’re looking for in a service provider you get to choose from multiple providers knowing they have been vetted to provide:

    Customer first quality,

    Have a customer service culture and display respect and transparency for all.
    Bring an ethical outlook where honesty and integrity are fundamental and part of the corporate DNA.

    With multiple service providers on the CommsCloud Network, you can choose to compare service offerings and price to get the best match for your requirements.

    This is also where you can see the paperwork and assess the terms so you can make a fully informed decision.

    4 Custom procurement services
    This is where you get to select and meet your preferred service provider.

    You also get to enjoy the security of 3rd party oversight for service

    implementation, ongoing service quality and optional invoice management


    The Shepherd Centre

    As part of CommsClouds culture of social responsibility, we support local charities with the help of service provides on our panel.

    The Shepherd Centre is a not for profit organization that helps Children with hearing loss and their families. Commscloud with the help of Metarouge developed the FLI-P Check which stands for the Functional Listening Index for Pediatrics. This provides an online mobile tool that can help check the hearing of children at an early age and determine if they may need to get further advice or a hearing check.

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